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Your Help Can Bring Success

It’s more important than ever we make our voice heard in support of these important projects.

Thank you for your ongoing support! You are one of over 1,000 community members who support the projects. Together, we can improve our region and create economic prosperity for generations to come.

How to Write Your Letter

Write to our elected officials

Writing a concise, on-message email is a valuable way to help the movement to bring good, family wage jobs and economic prosperity back to Southern Oregon.

A Letter to the Editor

One of the most effective ways to reach an audience of your peers — decision makers, business owners, and community leaders — is by writing a letter to the editor to your local paper.

Support Letters by Project

  • The Jordan Cove Project
  • Coos Bay Channel Modification
  • Planned Daily Portland Flights

Click here for writing tips and let your voice be heard!

  • Keep it short! Your email is more likely to be read if you are succinct. Aim for a length of between 100 – 200 words.
  • Stay on message! As an example, see below for suggested points to make in your statement about how Jordan Cove LNG project will help our community.
  • Use a personal example of how you will benefit from this project — Are you a business owner, parent, or senior who wants to see a return to economic prosperity for Southern Oregon?
  • Be persuasive and respectful. Many people are misinformed about the scope and/or environmental impact of our projects.

Jordan Cove Project examples of the positive impact that you can use to get started on your letter:

  • The Jordan Cove Project will bring a combined $7.7 billion investment to Southern Oregon, meaning jobs, resources, and opportunity for working families.
  • The project will boost Southern Oregon’s economy—not Portland’s. It’s our turn to get an economic development project that creates thousands of good paying family wage jobs while attracting more industry to our region.
  • This project is a reflection of best practices in business. It ensures that the needs of farmers, ranchers, and our environment are carefully considered.
  • The project will boost our entire economy from the ground up with more families moving to our community, and more people buying locally in restaurants and small businesses.
  • This project will increase tax revenue, which will provide more resources for essential local services, like public safety, local schools and community college.
  • This project will provide opportunities for younger generations so our children will be able to find family-supporting jobs here.
  • This project will send the message that Southern Oregon is open for businesses — redevelopment and modernization of the Port of Coos Bay’s facilities will help our region attract importers and exporters of other goods.
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