The Jordan Cove Project providing major funding for schools, students, and teachers.
The Jordan Cove Project

Bringing Increased Tax Revenue and Jobs to Southern Oregon

Along with creating more good-paying jobs with benefits, the Jordan Cove Project will provide major funding for schools, students, and teachers by paying annual school property taxes that will be equivalent to employing 112 full-time teachers and funding for the tuition for 834 preschoolers.

The positive impact of this project will ripple across our local economy. With employee spending during project construction and employee spending each year after the project start-up, more money will be spent in our local small businesses, restaurants, and hotels. And as these businesses do better, even more good, local jobs will be created.

Fear and misinformation have been spread by a small, but vocal opposition to keep the project from moving forward. With your help and support, the project will proceed and bring a substantial economic boost that our region has not seen in decades.

The Jordan Cove Project will provide Southern Oregon with a lifeline that we can use to move our communities back in the right direction. The DSL permit is still being considered by the State of Oregon. They hope to have project approval in 2020.

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Manager, Media & Community Affairs
Jordan Cove LNG.
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